Concept Development

Our team have many years experience of conceptual solutions for holographic techniques and marketing at the highest professional level. With great respect for a corporates brand essence, we are, together with the customer, developing unique concepts and ideas that make great impressions.

Content Creation

We produce high quality 3D- animations/modulations, audiovisuals, programming, and lighting applications tailored for holograms.

Project Managment

Our project management constructs, builds and customizes all holograms for all events.

Hologram for events

We are able to produce complete solutions for your event. We start from your needs and are capable to deliver our services, technique and products worldwide.

Hologram for Entertainment

We have a wide experience of holograms solutions from cinema, live concerts, exhibitions, festivals to private gatherings where the hologram can be the highlight of the evening.

Hologram for Reatail

We produce customized holograms for companies, brands, shops, restaurants, informations – and service facilities.